Popularity of Tea
The pleasure of sipping a hot cup of tea and transferring its warmth to our body is as satisfying as the front warm glow that we feel in front of a hearth. A cup of tea serves as an ideal medium for friendship ---- many important deals have been known to have been finalized over a cup of tea.

Tea reaches across generations. It is drunk all day and in moments of crisis, it truly transcends social categories. Regardless of culture, tea brings people together.

That's the life sustaining nature of its warmth. We start our day with a cup of tea. We welcome our guests with a cup of tea. Universally, any time is tea time. It seems that a cup of tea is the answer to all questions. Whether it is hot or cold, whether we are busy or idle, whether we are lonely or with friends ---- we always reach for that magic cup that seems to fill all the gaps in our life ----- What would the world do without tea !