Tea And Health
Tea the exotic drink, is not just refreshing and stimulating but also extremely healthy. Today, Tea has come a long way from being a mere refreshing beverage to a superb health drink. There is an ever growing awareness regarding the health benefits of drinking tea. Research has shown that it is a rich source of Flavonoids (Anti Oxidants) which prevent Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Cataract and even AlzheimersDisease.Tanins contained in tea impart the flavour to the tea and help prevent inflammation and nervous disorders. Fluoride contained in tea is good for healthy teeth and gums. TheCaffeine present in tea acts as a stimulant. Tea also contains Vitamin B and C as well as some important minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, and Manganese.

Drinking 5 to 6 cups of black tea a day helps control your cholestrol level, decreasing the chances of a heart attack. It gives you relief from fatigue, headache, depression and relaxes your body muscles. Tea tempers the spirit, harmonises the mind, awakens your thoughts, prevents drowsiness and refreshes your mind and body.

Tea can reduce skin damage and acts as a stress reliever. Many world famous perfume brands use tea infused fragrances. Tea has a stimulating effect on a man's intellectual capacities due to its Caffeine content. Polyphenols (tannins) are responsible for the flavour and colour of the brewed beverage. Tea stimulates but does not excite.

Tea also contains minerals such as Potassium, Fluorine, Copper, Iron, Manganese and Nickel. The amino acid Theanin contained in tea slows down the effects of Caffeine on the body. Tea is also rich in vitamins. Vitamin B Complex is good for the nerves, fights stress and is also essential for growth. Vitamins E 2, P and K fortify the capillary walls and make the skin more elastic.

Tea has practically no calories and is suitable for dieting if taken without milk or sugar or any other additive.